Thursday, December 2, 2010

sneeeeeeek peeeeeeeek

this is a half sleeve in progress.

i like to draw pictures.

heres some stuff from my sketch book, mostly skulls

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's how I roll

the harder I work the better my luck gets.

funny but I saw this guy in my dream.

i wonder if this fish would even taste good.

cover up action

this was a complicated job but turned out pretty spiffy

tatoos for yous guys

heres a couple from the shop i was stoked on.

paint paint and oh yeah some paint

fresh from the kitchen I'm cooking up water colors.

A chipmunk for grandpa.

I'm glad i got the chance to dothe tattoo, thanks Amy

this was a fun job to do, it's a memorial for the girls grandfather.

I like to paint

this is the age old struggle between a zombie whale and madd squid, pretty common stuff ha.

i've been doing a lot of painting and trying to expand my horizons.