Monday, July 30, 2012

FRITZ MERCH!!!! In stock and ready to ship

Sticker packs! Tshirts! Buttons! Mini prints!!!!! Get some!!!! All proceeds go to help find a cure for dysautonomia, I have it and it's no fun

Day of the dead cover up progress shot

Covering up a crummy old name on heather. She loves Steve Soto, so we went with one of his drawings and I tweaked a little bit, trying some color with the black and gray. Stay tuned more to come.

More progress on Cory's stomach

Almost coming to a close on this guy, I'm really into this piece. Can't wait till its done!!!

Evil koi! Muahhahahahahaha

Had a lot of fun drawing this one, I love doing Lois so hey it's a win win

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Had fun doing this one in Maddie, lotta balloons. Lotta lotta balloons, soooooooo many balloons.