Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sooooo, and yes I know it's been awhile but I promise I will post at least 3 times a week in months to come. As usual I have been consumed in my work and loving every minute of it. So as I type frantically to keep the wolves at bay, the Congo Sanchez two four breakbeat slang slowly put things in prospective. All bullshitting aside down to the brass tax Quadropus is an idea I came up with for a vinyl toy art show my friend Frank got me in to. I have never painted a toy so big before and with prosthetics. I used sculpy clay and shock proof glue to attach the extension pieces and eyeballs and eyelids. Once all the technical aspects where taken care of it was time to paint. I treated each piece like a it was an auto part I hung it and sprayed it from all angle. Once base coats of orange and yellow where done. I added some green spots on the sides. For my first time working in the toy medium and putting something into a show I was somewhat content with mr Quardropus even more content to a quite happy when I found out mr Pus sold at the show. I will admit I was sad to see him go but glad to see some dough, ha sorry don't mean to be corny.