Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eagles, Harley's, and America.

Sam came in wanting a piece showing his love for America, Armed Service, and Harley's. He had an idea of how he wanted it but couldn't put it together. Not to fret it just so happens I do this for a living and was really into the idea and style. I threw out some sketches we decided in this one. I ran into some trouble with the color due to a skin condition. Had to add an extra session but that did the trick. Thanks Sam talk to you soon.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hibiscus flowers for Taylor's family.

Had fun blasting a whole bunch of color in this one. Played with a lot of different greens in the backround. Line work was done about a year ago, we worked on the top part one day and the bottom part the next day. All together from linework to  last highlight around 12-13 hours. I love blasting color and I love big ole flowers. Win win, thanks again Taylor your a trooper. See ya soon

New old spot

I'll be back at TATLANTIS rocking the spot. After a brief stint in the fly over states. See you in October with a whole new site, picks, blog, merch.