Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The rappers do it so why can't I?

thought I'd try to market myself shamelessly like the rappers, i.e.crunk juice .

the ankle cross and winged heart combo

these where fun little bangers.

Monday, August 9, 2010

This crazy life and times

It seems as of lately I have no time for anything, It's work work work, Tattooing is my love and passion, but sometimes the world around us seems to vanish and after a while you forget how beautiful this world is. After about ninety days it finally rained in this desert and it felt amazing and also looked rather nice also. Thanks Mom nature for a wonderful evening

skate boarder day of the dead

Did this little guy on Oscar's arm first tattoo and I was stoked to do it.

water paint water paint water paint.

in the slow hours of my days at the shop i have been working on cranking out some new stuff painting stuff so heres a couple, i dig the bride of frank a lot. The skeleton witch painting took me a little while i like it but wish it came out a little better. The Zombie chick eyes are my favorite i cut the painting in half for framing purposes it turned out real cool.

cool little name

I thought this name turned out great I was worried about just using light blue but i mixed up a cool batch of custom blue and went with it, enjoy:)

The Owlly owl

This guy was done on Brit, She sat for about six hours we split the job up into two days, shes a trooper, anyway enjoy a little black and gray owl.