Friday, January 7, 2011

Diamonds and horse shoes, sorry no Grenades.

I did this little banger on my apprentice. Again neo traditionalism is the way of the walk these days, and I like it:)

Oh Mary Mary Mary in the key of Black and Gray

Arm piece I did on Felix, I enjoyed the job a lot, black and gray is a game I like to play:)

Count those blessings:)

Another piece I did on Zoe a while back, Fun little gypsy head. Neo traditionalism has been the flavor of the day as of late:)

The Acacia Strain!!!!!!!!!!

I had a lot of fun doing this job! took two sessions, first session i went in and did all the hatch work and dark tones. Second session was all color and details. It is a reproduction of the album cover "Wormwood" by The Acacia Strain. Great band and I got to do it on my little homie Zoe.