Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Myself and Mr.&Mrs."the Kid"Adams

Soooooo Monday night I got the opportunity to tattoo Jason Adams and his wife Korrine. Anyone that knows me knows I have been skateboarding basically my whole life, growing up in the Midwest it wasn't an easy lifestyle, sport, subculture to pursue. Either way you can't pick what you love it picks you and skateboarding got me at a young age. It was a gateway drug for me introducing me into awesome bands incredable artists it opened doors new and exciting! And I loved it all. In the mid nineties I saw Jason Adams skate for the first time and it changed my life or should I say it was a pivotal point in my life where everything made sense, I know how ridiculous that sounds. After that no matter what I was all about J Adams he was my Jordan, Bird, Pippen, he defines perfectly what skateboarding is and pushes its boundaries into what it's becoming. His art, style, and writings are unparalleled. This brings me to another love skateboarding has led me to, tattooing, through my artwork I was able to meet someone who has inspired it for many years. Today was awesome, I was able to give back a little who has given me so much. The tattoo I did on Jason was from a Minor Threat cover "the black sheep" on his lower forearm Korrine got the script "live free" with a simple two line bird on her wrist. Both tattoos where fun to do and the company made for an enjoyable evening. Can't wait to see J and KoKo again soon next time hopefully we can do some bigger pieces! Thanks again guys and thanks for taking the time to read my babble.
Good health
Good fortune