Monday, February 11, 2013

The Hermit thoughtfully given to Mikey.

The main idea was to replicate "the Hermit" depicted in the inside album cover of Led Zepplin 4. Mikey (lucky recipient of said tattoo) is a shredder (skateboard lingo for righteous dude) and well deserving of the hermit. While doing research for reference pics I ran across this little nugget of info from the old Wikipedia .
The inside illustration, entitled "The Hermit" and credited to Barrington Colby MOM, was influenced by the design of the card of the same name in the Rider-Waite tarot deck.This character was later portrayed by Page himself in Led Zeppelin's concert film, The Song Remains the Same (1976). The inner painting is also referred to as View in Half or Varying Light and was sold at auction under that name in 1981.

Varied versions of the artwork within the album exist. Some versions depict a longhaired and bearded supplicant climbing at the base of the mountain, while some others do not show the six pointed star within the hermit's lantern. If the inside cover of the album is held vertically against a mirror, a man's face can be seen hidden in the rocks below the hermit. Speculation exists that the face is actually that of a black dog.
I found it interesting seeing how I am a big fan of the tarot arts. I pretty much stayed true to the album artwork. Hesitated about putting in the gold but Mikey wanted a suttle but complimentary highlight. I've been using Waverly and Alla Prima inks, they are quality color systems that proove to go in rather effortless in most cases. Overall I feel the final product was a success and all parties involved walked away satisfied and happy. My main concern when approaching a tattoo will always be my client's(and most will find the client process is short lived and most walk away friends after the first visit)overall satisfaction. Thanks for your time and good fortune to you all.

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