Sunday, May 22, 2011

So where are you my little needle?

SO lucky to get to do this job. My buddy Jake gave me line "Between the moon and you Lunacy is setting in." Not only is Alkaline Trio one of my favorite Bands, Little Needle is my favorite Alkaline Trio song. He told me to run with it he had given me freedom to do what ever. I didn't wanna do just another band Tattoo, I wanted the tattoo to get the point across so if any fan of the band would see would know what it was, or to any other on looker the piece would stand on it's own. I thought a Neo-Traditional design with lots a color would be a good route to go. I stuck with more muted colors, and kept my line work very straight forward clean and solid, the old bold will hold treatment, not many if any double lining at all. Jake is a great guy a made the job a pleasure we took our time and had a great sesh. Jake, anytime my friend your always welcome in my chair.

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