Saturday, March 30, 2013

creepy crawlies don't bite, they entertain the ghosts

sooooooooooo, it's a bit late so i find this piece rather fitting for the post. I put this little guy on Hartman, aside from being a rad dude he protects this awesome country. The creepy crawly, jester to those who go click and clack, tip and tap amongst the quiet still night. Said by old polish miners first in the hole at day break the roaches and creepy crawlies would scurry at oil lanterns light due to fact thier eyes hurt for they have been up all night dancing with mischief entertaining ghouls, ghosts, and the unexplained. Hartman has named this little fella Carl, fitting for a jester to entertain all the ghouls and goons that may cross our man Hartmans path. Thanks for your time and as always good will and fortune to you and yours.

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