Sunday, March 3, 2013

New York Frank a stand up guy.

Frank came in awhile back, he was sent to me from another client. He got a memorial for his dad and his love for New York his hometown. We hit it off from the get go, Frank is a positive, well traveled, seasoned man. He has some of the best stories to boot, and one hell of a listener, it was if have been friends for years. Anyway Frank's wife's nickname for our hero is "cranky Frankie" she had a magnet made up and it sits on the fridge everyday reminding him how much she loves our pal Frank. A couple weeks back Frank came to me with the idea of getting a tattoo for his wife, he wanted something similar to the magnet she made. The image resembled an old playboy comic style. I was totally into the idea and ran with it, I made the guy look like Frank and gave him NY monogrammed swim shorts and a nice cold one in a mug resting on his belly. He was stoked on the drawing so we planted it on his right peck "so shes can always see it" he chuckles. The world needs a lot more of guys like Frank, happy go lucky, hard working, enjoyer of life. Thanks Frank can't wait for the next one.

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